First, tentative steps

Welcome! I aim to use this site to post thoughts on work at the outer reaches of physics where it meets biology, and the challenges of working at that interface; some of my ideas and experiences as a senior woman physicist plus my reactions to discussions around this topic, and general initiatives in this area; and reactions to science policy, funding etc.  So it will be a miscellaneous collection.  I should stress that anything I post here is written in a private capacity, and does not necessarily reflect the views of any of the bodies/committees I am involved with, though those experiences may inform or provoke my comments.  This site is currently very much work in progress. But I want to get my first thoughts out there while I continue to refine the appearance of this site. Expect glitches.

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    • Thanks! You’ll note the first glitch appeared last night. Tried to insert a table into the post late at night. A mistake, hence the odd shape at the end of the post – teach me to try something new at the end of a long day (and brief visit to bar) when still learning my way round wordpress!

  1. If you’ve made 14 post-steps in a month, they’re not so much tentative as initial.

    Instead of glitches, expect experiments to reveal data you didn’t anticipate. I’ve had (mostly) a great time with WordPress, and I have no doubt you will as well.

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