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Getting Away from the Toxic Lab

The journal PLoS Computational Biology recently published an article Ten simple rules towards healthier research labs. Written by a PI it was obviously aimed largely at those who might be just setting out with their own groups, but clearly any … Continue reading

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Does Leadership Need to be More Touchy-Feely?

If our sector is to see more minorities rise through the ranks to positions of power, indeed if any sector is to achieve this and go on, for instance, to remove the typical gender pay gap, then inclusive leadership needs … Continue reading

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Tears Before Bedtime

Tears Before Bedtime It is a well-worn trope that women weep and men shout. Stereotypical but, although I have occasionally seen women shout I have yet to see a man break down in public when losing an argument (as opposed … Continue reading

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Leadership for Our Times

Much has been made recently of Theresa May’s leadership, or rather the lack of it. It reminds me how when I first took up the reins at Churchill College, several people told me the story of an earlier Master, William … Continue reading

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To Honour Those Forced Out #IWD19

For International Women’s Day I want to take as my theme, the lines from Ecclesiasticus And some there be who have no memorial, who are perished as though they had never been… This is not because I’ve suddenly acquired a … Continue reading

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