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What Should You Be Doing Now?

One of the questions you ought not to pose to someone – be it a mentor, supervisor or sponsor – is ‘what should I do?’ Because, the answer has to be: ‘that’s up to you’. There is no uniquely right … Continue reading

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Getting Away from the Toxic Lab

The journal PLoS Computational Biology recently published an article Ten simple rules towards healthier research labs. Written by a PI it was obviously aimed largely at those who might be just setting out with their own groups, but clearly any … Continue reading

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Is the THE aiming for clickbait?

Just before Christmas on Twitter I came across a survey being run by the THE asking THE is running a survey about whether women should champion other women in academic careers. What do you think? I duly went to this … Continue reading

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Do you have a sponsor? (Do you need one?)

I have been reading the book by Sylvia Ann Hewlett on sponsorship: (Forget a Mentor) Find a Sponsor. Sylvia very kindly gave me a copy of this book when I met her in March where we were both talking at … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know the Rules? You Are Not Alone!

Are you one of those people who think there must be a ‘right’ way of doing every task, or are you prepared to muddle through making it up as you go along? A reader of my recent post on Being … Continue reading

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