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Beer Stops play

Good news: I might be a bit quieter over the next couple of days. Whilst writing yesterday’s blog entry and at the same time converting some old tapes (Led Zep), for those who worry about such things), I incorrectly judged … Continue reading

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Scientific Service Industries

I was happily writing a reply to Jennifer’s neo-Ludditism, and it was becoming a whinge about the awful things biologists do when they aren’t doing their work properly (i.e. the way statisticians work). Then I started writing it as a … Continue reading

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Collaborations and other Friday stuff

I consider the fact that the greatest piece between you you have considered this already, but for this one small one of you, of whom blog of Brian he did not read, has announced yesterday more when timewaster in elegant … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Cats has arrived

I’ve only just noticed – the latest Carnival of the Cats arrived on Sunday. So toddle on over there for all your moggie magic! So good, even the Beast is letting me blog tonight!

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On the Beach

I was going to write something serious today, but that has been rather derailed by the photo my agents sent me from yesterday’s secret Nature Editors’ outing to Cromer beach.

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Expelled, The Irony

I really want to just give the link to this and stand back, but some of you will need the background. Last year the creationists started talking about a film – Expelled. A few people on the anti-ID side (e.g. … Continue reading

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Cats in the News

This morning I received a worrying book through the post for the beast. Although he might try to take art up seriously, his lack of a cultural education (he’s Australian) could be a disadvantage. On the other hand, it might … Continue reading

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The Deeper Meaning of a Residual Plot

This afternoon I ran an analysis of some sheep data. Being a good boy, I checked how well the model was fitting to the data, and got the following plot:

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The Bird and The Beast

This morning, The Beast got very excited. Normally he sits on the mouse mat demanding attention, or sits on my making sure I can’t refuse. During the course of this, he was distracted:

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Does anybody listen to this guy?

The US blogosphere has semi-regular updates about a guy called Vox Day. I wonder if there’s anyone who reads his stuff apart from his detractors (as is pretty much the case for Uncommon Descent). I mention this now because of … Continue reading

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