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Cheddar Gorge


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Is the Biologic Institute Irreducibly Complex?

Earlier on this blog I derived some amusement from developments on the Biologic Institute’s webpage. Well, since then things have happened.

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An Archaeologist Writes

This idea of Martin Rundkvist is just too good not to pass on: Let’s Shoot Bits of Peter Higgs into the LHC! Now, if any of you physicists know of a good reason why this is a bad idea, kindly … Continue reading

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I thought I had escaped

The web is fully of odd tests designed to reveal your true self. They all seem to be run by dating websites, which makes the one I just tried slightly disturbing. It’s the Dante’s Inferno Test (HT: John Wilkins). And … Continue reading

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Coarse Training

I got a leaflet in my mail today about applied stats courses in Reading. One of them is Basic Statistics for Social Researchers, which makes me wonder whether they have web-based courses for anti-social researchers.

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Expelled, at last

Well, today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. Yep, Expelled has finally arrived. Let’s recap on what they’ve done so far1 Lied to their interviewees about the nature of the film. Expelled one of their interviewees from a preview … Continue reading

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Adding up is hard to do (warning: boring technical post)

(this was meant to nicely complements a post at Nature’s Journal Club , but it looks as if we’ll have to wait for that one to appear in public) One of science’s great secrets is that the most influential scientist … Continue reading

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Poster Boy

The theme at NN this week has been popularity and trying to get attention. Always one to charge after a bandwagon, demanding to be let on board, I thought I would chime in. Even better, there are two bandwagons I … Continue reading

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Open Access: Show us the Money!

The big news in scientific publishing this week is that the NIH has gone open access. I’m sure that almost everyone on the scientific blogosphere will be saying how wonderful it is that research has to be made public, and … Continue reading

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It Would Make Me Scream

Is it wrong to just nick something off Ben Goldacre’s feed? Anyway, I’ll have to look at this later. Apparently it contains footage of vocal chords being distorted by their owners singing in a variety of styles. All to … Continue reading

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