What a Prick

NZ man ‘used hedgehog as weapon’
Whenever I read stories like these, I’m torn between amusement and feeling sorry for the poor animal. Next time, use a hairbrush, mate. That way you’ll avoid fleas too.

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5 Responses to What a Prick

  1. Richard P. Grant says:

    It’s a strange place , New Zealand.

  2. Maxine Clarke says:

    Yep, odd country — one minute people are black-hatted silhouettes, the next, they are eating red balloons.

  3. Bob O'Hara says:

    I guess Richard changed his photo because didn’t want to be mistaken for and All Black.
    How do we know he wasn’t eating a red balloon in silhouette?

  4. Jennifer Rohn says:

    God, that poor hedgehog. I am traumatized.
    Richard, are you enjoying being mistaken for a Kiwi?

  5. Richard P. Grant says:

    It’s a lot more gratifying than being mistaken for an Australian, I’ll tell you that for nowt.
    The full version of that photo is here .

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