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The Impact Factor Revolution: A Manifesto

Bora has a post up about impact factors that links to a discussion in Epidemiology. It’s the usual stuff: how awful they are because they have all sorts of problems. We all know this, but of course it doesn’t stop … Continue reading

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Head in the TagClouds

Tag clouds are a neat way of summarising the common topics on blogs (the cloud on HolfordWatch is amusing, and this one for the Democratic race is neat). This week they’ve hit the science blogging world. The author of Clastic … Continue reading

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How Evil Are Journal Editors?

I never got any further with this. I’ll post it anyway, and please leave a comment if you notice this post!

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Excuse Me Whilst I Vent

I’m reading a book about pedagogy in higher education, and I’m presently trying to go through a chapter on course planning. It’s important and should be interesting, but I’m annoyed with having to handle sentences like this:

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Health News

From The Onion: Woman Overjoyed By Giant Uterine Parasite Need I add anything?

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Gender Differences: Got More Data

I ended up at Nature Networks thanks to a post on my previous blog about a paper in TREE which claimed that the proportion of female authors was increased by double-blond peer review1. In a nutshell, I argued that there … Continue reading

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Full Marx?

I really should write something serious today, but it’ll have to come later. Instead, I want to indulge you in some politics. I was woken by the World Service1 this morning, with this gem, a politician talking about “companies in … Continue reading

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