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Two Cultured?

Over at Scienceblogs, there has been a discussion about the relationship between science (and mathematics in particular) and the arts and humanities. This was started by Chad Orzel, and continued elsewhere. John Wilkins has a fairly up to date set … Continue reading

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I guess brain surgeons are just dumb

Thomas Mailund got upset about the hoops he had to go through to get a manuscript from a company. The company, being Corporate and Evil, bought him off with a logo, which some here might appreciate:

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Olen takaisin

Yep, I’m finally back from my wanders. A week in St. Andrews, followed by a week celebrating the 100th anniversary of the t-distribution. Recall that the inventor, “Student” worked for Guinness. You can work out the rest. Of course, I … Continue reading

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I’m off…

…in case you were wondering what the smell was.

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It’s Too Quiet Here

Oh poor me. I’m going to a couple of meetings over the next couple of weeks (the ISEC in St. Andrews followed by the IBC, to celebrate the invention of the t-distribution). Of course, I can’t take The Beast with … Continue reading

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Are We All So Genteel?

This is all very surprising – nobody from nature network seems to be an elitist bastard. They even have a special badge for Henry: My excuse for not joining in is I’m just a pleb with pretensions. The Beast, on … Continue reading

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