I’m off…

…in case you were wondering what the smell was.

Actually, I’m off to St. Andrews tomorrow, bright and early, to the first of this summer’s double header of statistics – statistical ecology. The sequel takes place in Dublin next week, where we will celebrate the t-test.
I’ll be taking my laptop with me, with the intention of blogging the conferences. But that will only happen if I find a keyboard that I can travel with. A couple of months ago I spilled beer on the computer (I was even sober at the time), and haven’t got it fixed – I’ve been plugging in other keyboards. But at the end of last week I decided to clan the keyboard, in the hope that it would improve matters. Thus far, the only effect is to make one of the Ctrl keys stick. That was not my intention.
So, whilst I’m away I’ll still try to look in, but this won’t be guaranteed. And until I come back, here’s a free thread for you to say whatever you want. If any Aussie philosophers drop by, you should ask them to explain the rules of Mornington Crescent.

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  1. Henry Gee says:

    Buy yourself an Asus Eee for travel-related blogosphericity. I have, it’s super.

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