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Viktor Poor has written some strips specially for the science blogging conference. He has p-printed them ahead of the online publication. So, by the tradition of the internets, I had to scoop his online publication…

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He should be sent to join a chain gang

This from The Guardian: 2,865 bikes recovered from world’s most prolific cycle thief They found drugs at his house. I guess he was peddling them as well.

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Blogging Research

I have to stand up and talk about blogging about research on Saturday, and it’s about time I wrote my talk. I guess a natural way to compose my thought (and receive feedback) is to write a blog post on … Continue reading

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The Bulwer-Lytton Prize

I was remiss in not posting about this last week, so, only a week late, I post now that the winners of the 2008 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest were announced, with little fanfare and even less financial reward for the efforts … Continue reading

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Live Blogging the Baltic

OK, technology is getting silly. I’m sat in a bar on a ferry in the middle of the Gulf of Finland, between Tallinn and Helsinki, and I can get a wireless signal.

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Why P-values are Evil

Over the last week or so I have been asked a couple of statistical questions where the root cause of the problems has been the unthinking application of p-values. In both cases, the solution was to use confidence intervals instead; … Continue reading

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Not much to say, really.

I really ought to write a serious blog post at some point. But until then, here’s something I should show The Beast: When I left him this morning, he was catching up on his sleep, having had to get up … Continue reading

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Questions That Need to be Asked

Is Madis Uusorg a polygamist? And why isn’t this in the Olympics?

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“For my agarose gel, should i use agar-agar or bacto-agar?”

I had a difficult experience at the start of my PhD. I was about a month into it when I was talking to my supervisor, who I’ll call James, in the lab. Behind him was a sign hanging from the … Continue reading

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Microscopists needed to solve border disputes

The BBC has a story up about a group at Durham University who have produced a map of Arctic boundaries and areas of dispute. Taking a look at the map, I was surprised to read this in the legend: Denmark … Continue reading

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