Finnish Exports, Pt. I

I posted this a year ago, but as only about 3 people were reading my blog then, it’s worth re-posting. It’s a short educational piece about one of the major Finnish exports.

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4 Responses to Finnish Exports, Pt. I

  1. GrrlScientist says:


  2. Brian Clegg says:

    Bob, that explains a lot.

  3. Eva Amsen says:

    I saw that (the prey) coming, given the time of year, but was still amused by the training session and fake beard at the end =)

  4. Linda Lin says:

    ROFL. the bit with the running prey scarred my eyes a touch.
    the training bit was awesome though, and i can imagine some SC impersonators wanting to sorta bite the heads off some of the not-so angelic kiddies (!!!).

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