Pretty Flowers and Mimics

I was going to write a post about ecotrons, and explain the lamppost, but I’ve been too busy doing other stuff. So, instead here are some photos that I just took whilst perambulating around Tvärminne.
I don’t know much about what I photographed, so if anyone can say anything interesting about them, please do! Oh, and click through, and look at some of the large versions. Just admire the ability of technology today to overcome the user’s camera shake.

First, a rather pretty plant:

It’s interesting that the leaves change between green and purple (I caught one in the act). Does anyone know what plant it, and why the leaves are purple?
Whilst we were looking at this, I saw this beastie:

Go on, what it is?
Yep, it’s a moth mimicking a wasp/hornet/hymenoptera thingie. But does anyone know anything more? And what, exactly, is is mimicking?
Here are a couple of other camera shots:

You looking at me, eh?

And finally (if it works), a short video (if not, go directly to the Flickr page).

Commentary provided by Mike and Johan.
Oh, and if you liked this, admire GrrlScientist’s post and then go and vote for her to go to Antarctica

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8 Responses to Pretty Flowers and Mimics

  1. Sabbi Lall says:

    Really nice photos! Was the lamppost near here too?

  2. Bob O'Hara says:

    Nope, that was in a different country (Toto).

  3. Sabbi Lall says:

    Is it in the Sesiidae family?
    Web cam of Tvarminne here

  4. Mike Fowler says:

    Good call, Sarbjit. I’m going for S apiformis

    Pertti Pakasen sivusta

  5. Bob O'Hara says:

    Look like it, thanks! I found a blog post about it, and also there’s a page on the rather excellent UK Moths site. There seem to be several species, but the only other one I can find any photos of is S. bembeciformis, and it’s not that (the head is the wrong colour).

  6. Bob O'Hara says:

    Yay! And I found the plant too. It’s Wood cow-wheat. NatureGate is a really cool website, that has an identification key for plants.

  7. Global Changes says:

    Nice pics of the flowers, must be an awesome camera

  8. Bob O'Hara says:

    The camera is a Canon Powershot A700. But the flowers are 5 metres high…

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