Send GrrlScientist to Antarctica!

I haven’t been promoting this as much as I could, mainly because anyone who reads my blog probably reads Grrl’s and Henry’s as well, and they have been doing a better job than I could.
But anyway, Grrl wants to go to Antarctica, and has entered a competition organised by Quark Expeditions. They are searching for an Official Blogger to join a voyage to Antarctica, to blog about the trip and to help raise public awareness of the environmental and conservation issues that pertain to the Antarctic. GrrlScientist would, of course, be the ideal candidate for this position: she’s a prolific blogger, and has written about these issues. You can read more about why she’s so good.

Showing her dedication, Grrl is already training in anticipation of her victory.
So, go and vote! You can read her essay, and then log in and register. Once you’ve done that, you just need to vote! If you have problems (e.g. if you don’t get the confirmatory email), contact Prisca Campbell and ask her to sort this out.
So don’t delay, vote today! And tell your friends. Especially if Richard Dawkins is your friend.

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2 Responses to Send GrrlScientist to Antarctica!

  1. Henry Gee says:

    Richard Dawkins is no particular friend of mine, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t VOTE VOTE VOTE for GrrlScientist to go to Antarctica. Obne advantage is I’ll have a fighting chance in identifying her Mystery Birds. They’ll be
    a) A penguin
    b) another penguin
    c) er …
    d) … that’s it.

  2. Alejandro Correa says:

    e) A Chicken-pinguin in the snow.

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