Jetlag and the Body Clock

Yesterday I got back from New York, where, amongst other things, I got married. More on that later, now I’m enjoying the jetlag.
Last night I fell asleep about 7pm Helsinki time, and woke (as you do when you’re jetlagged) in the middle of the night, at about 1am. That’s 6pm New York time, which seems an odd time for the body clock to say “Get up you lazy Brit“.

Thinking it through, 6pm is the time for The Beast’s afternoon meal. I think I’ve been trained well, even if my body clock has yet to readjust back to Beast Time.
Anyway, The Beast looked well upon my return. My internet access was down – for some reason it had been suspended. But now it’s up. I’ll shuffle off to my office in a few minutes, to see what damage has been done there…

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11 Responses to Jetlag and the Body Clock

  1. Cath Ennis says:

    Heading East is always the worst, isn’t it? I find that judicious use of daylight, caffeine, and alcohol helps.

  2. Richard Wintle says:

    Well congratulations to you. Although Henry’s Ode was far more elegant than anything I could come up with.

  3. Alejandro Correa says:

    Bob, I congratulate both. I hope everything goes well.

  4. Alejandro Correa says:

    Sorry- Bob and Grrl. I’m happy for you and the beast (┬┐What is the beast, the cat or the boat?:)

  5. Sabbi Lall says:

    Congrats- I’m just disappointed I missed the boat and didn’t therefore jump out on you guys with confetti at the AMNH!

  6. Bob O'Hara says:

    Thanks folks.
    Sorry, Alejandro it’s a long-running joke around here. The Beast is the Australian cat who rules my flat. I still don’t have the heart to tell him what awaits in his near future…

  7. Linda Lin says:

    …how did you get an Australian cat?

  8. Bronwen Dekker says:

    Congratulations Bob!!

  9. Bob O'Hara says:

    Linda – he didn’t want to go back to Australia. He came here a few years ago with a post-doc, and she eventually left.
    Thanks, Bronwen.

  10. Lee Turnpenny says:

    So, are you giving the The Australian Beast a hard time, re The Ashes?
    Belated congrats, by the way.

  11. Bob O'Hara says:

    Of course I am! My spy Down Under says that they’re claiming they haven’t heard of cricket, as it’s the footie season.
    And thanks for the congrats!

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