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Science Careers and Leslie

I had been writing this post, but had put it aside (honest). Yesterday Jenny posted about the same topic, so I’ll take a break from putting envelopes around trees, and finish what I was writing. If you have been hanging … Continue reading

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HR669 and some unintentional effects on US science?

(this is ANOTHER post that was mysteriously unpublished. The whole thing is a bit moot now: the bill died in committee, which is a good thing although I’m not aware of any alternative being raised, which is probably a bad … Continue reading

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Thanks, Jerry.

I’ve had my head stuck in a working group all week, estimating species distributions. So I’m a bit slow in picking this up, but thanks to PZed, I’ve just read an interview of Jerry Fodor in Salon. And now I’m … Continue reading

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Submit to Scientia Pro Publica, join the crowd!

Go on. Submitting a blog post to science carnival Scientia Pro Publica! Unless something remarkable happens over the weekend it will appear on Monday March 1st at just round the corner at Stephen’s Reciprical place.

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Friday Frivolities

I had a pithy idea for a blog post this morning, but I forgot what it was. Then I started writing something else, but it was boring me to tears, so instead I’ll leave you with this photo, which may … Continue reading

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Scientia Pro Publica 2 is here!

(this is another post that was de-published: you can tell because it still has a comment. But it reminds me I should have advertised that Scientist 21 is up at Living the Scientific Life, despite the best efforts of our … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Darwin! Oh, and submit to Scientia.

Today is Charles Darwin birthday. (Damn, I really should photoshop a party hat) So what better way to celebrate the 201st anniversary of his birth than…

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Whale smack-up

This “whale pwns bird” video has been making ripples in the Twitterverse: (Via the Deep Sea News crew)

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Waiting For The Future

[Thanks to some odd bug in the software, this was listed as “unpublished”, so I hit “Publish”. Obviously it was published, because it had 2 comment on it. But it does seem timely, int the light of this BBC report … Continue reading

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Jerry Fodor Fails Evolution 101. Again

Uh oh. Now I have some inkling of what Orac goes through. Which is an oblique way of apologising for the length and tone of this post. A couple of years ago Jerry Fodor (a psychologist philosopher of mind) wrote … Continue reading

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