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Less on Branch Lengths and Species

Oops. I scheduled this for today, and then didn’t get round to writing the post. ahem

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How Not to Package Software

I’ve just been trying to get Texmaker to run. This is a free programme for writing stuff in LaTeX, and I needed it to write some equations for a blog post (I tried OpenOffice, but couldn’t find where it stored … Continue reading

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Branch Lengths and Species

Some creationists have become terribly excited by a recent paper and accompanying New Scientist article. It’ll come as no surprised that they have failed to understand the paper, and I’m confident that explaining the paper in a post won’t help, … Continue reading

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Submit to Scientia!

Yes, it’s time (again!) to tell you to SUBMIT TO SCIENTIA PRO PUBLICA! This is the blog carnival for posts about science, aimed at the general public.

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Help With the New Policy

One of the changes at the Nature network blogs has been the introduction of a whacking great big Policy button on the blogs. Not everybody is happy about this, partly because of the tone of the piece (Yes, Policy, I … Continue reading

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Anyone Watching TV in the US Tonight?

Over on Bioephemera, Jessica took some time out from her wrestling practice to eulogize over this advert, for a national Geographic programme that is on tonight in the US:

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Scientia Pro Publica Is Up

It’s here! Well, actually it’s over there. This week’s host is Bjørn Østman of Pleiotropy (Bjørn also runs the Carnival of Evolution).

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Stirring Things Up

Sorry, I just can’t resist doing this. I don’t want people to start slagging off ScienceBlogs, especially as it’s only a minority of Sbers who behave like this. And I could take PZed and Ed on single-handed in the beard … Continue reading

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Medical Hypotheses to be Falsified?

Free speech is a fun problem. If we believe in it, then we have to accept that people will sometimes write or say something we think is not just wrong, but that we find offensive. To what extent is there … Continue reading

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I’m Here! At last.

The last couple of days have been strange at NN. First, we were told that the site would be taken down at noon GMT. It wasn’t so some of us spent the afternoon waiting to see when it would happen, … Continue reading

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