Carnival Of Evolution Published, and…

The 22nd Carnival of Evolution is up at Beetles in the Bush. So you can while away the rest of Easter browsing the latest blogosphere’s thoughts.
The next edition of the Carnival of Evolution will appear in May at Evolution: Education and Outreach, so if you’ve blogged about anything evolutionary, submit with this spiffy form.

Those of you who don’t write about evolution need not despair. For tomorrow, Andrew the 360 Degree Skeptic will be hosting Scientia Pro Publica. You can submit to Scientia Pro Publica, with this automated submission form or email it directly to ScientiaBlogCarnival at gmail dot com, or use the snazzy widget that is lurking on this page, ready to screw everything up.
Your submission probably won’t appear tomorrow – Scientia is published on the first and third Monday of the month, and last month had five Mondays. But fear not – andrew has been saved from going through three weeks of material by Grrl’s decision to shift Scientia to being every week. So your submission will probably appear in 8 days time, on Grrlscientist’s Nature Network blog, Maniraptora.
The shift to publishing Scientia every week means that we need more hosts. So, check the current schedule, and see if there’s a date that suits you. If there is, volunteer, either by emailing the carnival (ScientiaBlogCarnival at gmail), or leaving a comment below (or on Grrl’s blog).
Finally, we’ve set up a twitter feed, @SciNatBlogs to advertise all the science, nature, and medical carnivals we can follow. So follow it, and if you know of or are running a carnival that we’re not tweeting, please tell us about it so we can keep up with you

The Carnival Concoction. Albert Almondia (2008).

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