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So confused I want to vomit

This is a nice distraction from the Monday morning woes (not the normal woes, but that the wireless doesn’t like me: it’s not working at home for the second time in 6 months, and my work wireless doesn’t like my … Continue reading

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Ethics, Jobs, and Real Life

Last year I received an email sent to a newsgroup advertising a lectureship, with the stipulation that only women should apply. My reaction was curious – initially I was slightly offended, as this was clear discrimination (yes, yes I am … Continue reading

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I’ll have to try this on some poor student

From the ever-odd masks of Eris: I only imagine the results, will it be a Gdansken experiment?

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Thesis Defence Today!

Yay! I’m in Helsinki right now, because my student is defending his thesis (it starts in just over half an hour). I might update this post during the defence, depending on how engrossed I am. From left to right: Crispin … Continue reading

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Mendel’s Manuscript found?

I just received the following email, from the Evoldir list, and I’m wondering if it is legit: Mendels’s [sic] original manuscript “Versuche uber Planzen-Hybride” has been found! The original handwritten document has been found and is in excellent condition. There … Continue reading

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Truth in Advertising?

I’ve just received an email advertising a meeting: Biomathematics & Ecology: Education & Research. This is a clear case of fiddling the title to get an acronym. Yes, it’s BEER 2010 I hope it’s an accurate description of the meeting, … Continue reading

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