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Attack Budgies: leaks from the secret labs of GrrlScientist

This morning I was gravely offended by being described as an “attack parrot”. The offender’s mitigation was that he had originally wanted to call me an “attack budgie”, but had refrained, presumably because he thought an attack budgie sounded less … Continue reading

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How oil companies are helping to combat global warming

I just saw this news that Statoil is to be allowed to drill holes in the bottom of the North Sea: Sure many will be pleased to hear that Statoil have been permitted to conduct a huge development in the … Continue reading

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Science: girl things make you wince

On Fridays I usually try to put up trivial amusing stuff. So please take this is that spirit, because you really don’t want to take this seriously. Encouraging women into science has to be a good thing, and there are … Continue reading

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Selecting Your LOLcats

The internet is a great thing, but it brings with it some problems. One of the future problems that we, as a civilisation, will face is the increased time we will be forced to spend finding the ideal photo for … Continue reading

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The Reality of Pervasive, err, Something

I’m a fan of good quality graphs, and some just stand out. Including this one, from PLoS Biology last year:

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On Ugly and Not so Ugly Maths

This week I’ve been writing a grant application. This has meant trawling through a pile of literature I wasn’t terribly familiar with. During that trawling I found this piece of rather ugly maths:

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What’s this?

I’ve just been looking at a bit of central China on Google Maps. This bit: View Larger Map I’m curious what this place looks like. I’m interpreting it as terraces on the sides of a river valley, but that’s an … Continue reading

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Explanations needed

last Saturday GrrlScientist and I went for a walk in Oberursel. It’s a pretty town, but down a back street we found this tree: Upon this tree was a sign: This was rather puzzling. What were a wheel-y thing and … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, this blog thing

Oh, damn. I’ve been wondering what that crying was I’ve been hearing down the intertubes these last couple of months. It was my poor Blog Monster complaining that it needed feeding with posts. A six spot burnet, Zygaena filipendula, last … Continue reading

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Abstruse Goose: It’s so true

Well, not quite: all those equations are deterministic – nothing for us statisticians to get our teeth into. Grrr. Source

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