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The Advances of Modern Technology

This is a sign of how the web has changed research. Today I was reading a paper that used a technique that goes by the name of “linear model of coregionalization”. No, I didn’t know what it was either. The … Continue reading

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π Day

Those wacky Americans have decided that today (14/3) is Pi day, thereby proving that they are inferior. Over in Europe, we’ll celebrate Pi approximation day on July 22nd (22/7). But I’ve decided I’ll celebrate pie day on the 8th of … Continue reading

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Top Tips for Dealing with the Press

Some things just get funnier and funnier. On Sunday, Ed Yong (who is not exactly a rocket scientist) put something up on Posterous recounting an exchange with a Press Information Officer. Ed had seen a press release, and wanted to … Continue reading

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As sick as a Beast

I can’t remember if I’ve had cause to mention this before, but The Beast is an Australian. This may explain his reaction to the news last week of England winning The Ashes series 3-1: he was throwing up the following … Continue reading

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Banned! (no, not me)

Oh dear. The Chinese translation of Andrew Gelman’s book on hierarchical models and Bayesian analysis has been banned, due to “various politically sensitive materials in the text”. He must be so proud. I’ll check the text tomorrow to see what … Continue reading

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Linda Lin just blogged about the new Google Analytics we have on NN. The most popular keyword (which I assume mean search term) is “Am I wasting my time?”. Irrespective of the message of the post it leads to, the … Continue reading

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The Hilarity of Homeopathic Housing

Thanks (I think) go to Rob Hinkley for pointing out John Benneth’s blogpost “IN ONE YEAR: Homeopathy could have helped. It’s the bloggy equivalent of walking around with a “Kick Me” label sellotaped to your back.

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Blame the system!

Sometimes the system you’re working on just doesn’t work the way you hope. So what do you do? Write a paper in PNAS blaming the system? Well, a paper has just appeared in PNAS with the title “Bimodal gene expression … Continue reading

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(Ice) Hockey Pool, Week 6

Most of you can look away, either because you’re not involved in the Hockey Pool Cath Ennis set up, or because you’re below Cath in the standings.

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Why Libel Needs to be Reformed

This week is the first anniversary of the report Free Speech is Not for Sale, which highlighted the oppressive nature of English libel law. In short, the law is extremely hostile to writers, while being unreasonably friendly towards powerful corporations … Continue reading

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