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Detonation Aftermath

Sunday was a Big Day in Frankfurt. Next to the building where I work there is – or rather was – an ugly tower block, the AfE tower. We only move into our building last summer, and the whole time … Continue reading

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The most pathetic journal spam yet

After the Bohannon fun, we’re all more aware of predatory publishers trying to get our money to publish any old crap. You would have thought they would have been aware of his, and at least made an attempt to look … Continue reading

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Off to the other side of the world

This is just a brief announcement to explain that as this publishes I should be off on my travels again. This time I’m going further than ever before (no, I’m not travelling by standing on the shoulders of giants). I’m … Continue reading

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Making reviewing boring stuff less boring

Over at the Scholarly Kitchen, everyone’s favourite source material for winding up OA advocates, Phil Davis asked about something only tangentially related: Do Uninteresting Papers Really Need Peer Review? In it he lays out a view that is perhaps selfish, … Continue reading

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Prizes Straight from the Pits of Hell

This should make predicting this year’s science Nobels easier. Last month, Republican congressman Paul Broun, who also happens to be a member of the US House of Representatives science committee, described evolution, the big bang theory and embryology as ‘lies … Continue reading

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Altmetrics: what’s the point?

A couple of weeks ago Stephen (of this parish) generated a lot of discussion when he complained about the journal impact factor (JIF). I must admit I feel a bit sorry for the JIF. It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s … Continue reading

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A new really old version of The Elements

I hope you’re all fans out Tom Lehrer (“Mr. Lehrer’s muse [is] not fettered by such inhibiting factors as taste.” – NYT, apparently). Well, via those Improbable Research (“Mr. Abraham’s muse [is] not fettered by such inhibiting factors as taste.” … Continue reading

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Helloooo! I’ve moved (again)

I started blogging just over 5 years ago (damn, I missed my blogoversary by a month). The following year, I left Blogspot for Nature Network. Well, now the powers that be have decided to close the NN blogs, and shift … Continue reading

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Quill and parchment was so much easier

I’ve just made a decision about a manuscript I’m editing. Now the software won’t give me the form letter to send to the authors. Aaagh! I have to think of what to write all on my own! I FEEL SO … Continue reading

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There is much excitement on NN today because we’ll finally be getting MT4 as a blogging platform. I’ve just had a great idea for a post, so we’ll see if I can get it ready in time.

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