City at a standstill …

… because we aren’t at all prepared for even small amounts of snow and ice. We had freezing rain late last night, followed by less than an inch of snow overnight, but that’s enough to wreak havoc in a southern city. The university has delayed opening until noon, and I’m not sure that things will be thawed out sufficiently by then. I live at the base of a steep hill, with a bridge at the bottom, and all morning drivers have been turning around at the outlet for my neighborhood, after discovering that the hill is insurmountable for most vehicles.


Texas drivers, paralyzed with fear. Should I make cappucinos and venture out with the dog, to deliver them to “stranded” motorists?

I no longer have a vehicle equipped with 4WD; just a 10-year-old Honda Accord, and the F-250 behemoth, Smaug. I avoid driving Smaug when it’s raining – no way will he fly from the Lonely Mountain today.


Snow on the snout of the Smaug the Magnificent

I took the dog for our usual early morning walk, and she enjoyed the snow so much that she wanted to go out in the backyard when we returned … probably looking for mice near the compost and mulch piles. On several occasions, I’ve caught her in the yard trotting around with a mouse or rat tail hanging out of her mouth. Retrievers – gah!!!


Labrador retriever and sagebrush

Sorry, my photos aren’t as pretty as Steffi’s!

EDIT: ‘nother dog photo from this morning. The Labbie is probably about 10 years old now, still very energetic. The age is only a guesstimate, as she was found abandoned out at my friends’ ranch, and the vet thought she was 4 or 5 at the time I adopted her.


I can has inside and on warm bed naow?

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4 Responses to City at a standstill …

  1. Mike says:

    It’s kinda pitiful, but console yourself with the knowledge that this sort of chaos happens annually in the southern UK, where these kind of conditions really should not come as such a surprise.

    And more dog photos please. Cats iz booring.

  2. KristiV says:

    There are motorists who are still attempting the hill, which must be especially slick now with a bit of melting and refreezing. They’ve decided to close the university for the entire day. Neighborhood kids are having a great time, even with the small amount of snow. It’s quite a novelty here.

    @ Mike – I’m adding another dog photo now. 😉

  3. Steve Caplan says:

    Sorry–with 1/2 inch of ice followed by 8 inches of the white stuff, and temps approaching -20F + windchill, you southerners get no sympathy from me!

    • KristiV says:

      Yikes, Steve, that sounds unpleasant! Feel free to point and laugh at us southerners – I know I do. 😉 I had to go into lab briefly yesterday for some mouse house chores, and I waited until the roads had thawed out. I noticed four wrecked cars off on the shoulder of that hill near my house – probably every tow truck in the city was busy all day, and then again after dark when the remaining water on the streets froze.

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