Van der Volkswagen Forces

Pro football (US version) has never seemed as fun to watch as college football, and for me, the number of rats’ arses given about even the latter has declined significantly in the last decade.

But this is one cute SuperBowl commercial, especially for sci-fi/Star Wars geeks:

VW The Force

(Sorry, haven’t figured out how to embed video.)

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One Response to Van der Volkswagen Forces

  1. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Very cute!

    All the Superbowl feeds here show US commentary on the game, but switch to Canadian commercials in between, thus negating the only good reason to watch the Superbowl (other than Janet Jackson’s boob). We see the Superbowl commercials on the news the next night. This is why my female friends and I find alternative activities to occupy us on Superbowl day – snowshoeing, swimming, or extremely long lunches!

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