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Why I Am Now An Atheist

My faith has never been particularly strong, and in recent years has been set rather in opposition to what I saw (and still see) as the unedifying spectacle of Dawkins-style fundamentalist militancy and its failure to understand the nature of … Continue reading

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Men Only

Women read more books than men. Women buy more books than men. So much so, that author Ian McEwan has said that if women stopped reading, the novel would be dead. Hence this slightly tongue-in-cheek campaign to ‘remasculize’ literature. Here’s … Continue reading

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John Prescott in ‘Bloody Norfolk’ Shock Horror Probe

Hot regional news this morning: that the Rt Hon John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott MP, former Deputy Grime Minibus, who stands in relation to Boris Johnson as Mr Gumby does to Socrates, was rumoured to be thinking of buying a retirement … Continue reading

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Mallorn 47 Is Good To Go

I have a busy life. Hardly a day goes by without grummets to plurdle or nadgers to scrode, let alone those moolies, which really could do with a good old woggle. As if that weren’t enough I am also the … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Eponyms of Anatomy

HERMIONE: Hello Ron. RON: Hi Hermione – where have you been? HERMIONE: The library.. RON (rolls eyes): Like I couldn’t have guessed. HERMIONE: Listen, Ron, if you went to the library occasionally, you might have learned something. After seven years … Continue reading

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Let Slip The Blogs of War!

Hardly has Jennifer Rohn stopped chewing the carpet following her editorial travails on OpenLab08, than submissions are being solicited for OpenLab09. This year’s guest editor is SciCurious, who’d like us to believe she looks like Remy the Rat from Ratatouille. … Continue reading

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Hooray, Once More, for Boris

I have long maintained that posterity will view Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, as the greatest statesman of this or any other age. Here he is in today’s Torygraph promoting free trade. He is, of course, absolutely right, as … Continue reading

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Stranger Fruit

Last night I was enjoying a long, telephonic ramble with one of my oldest friends, a Mr C. D. of Leeds. Our conversation turned to that wonderful rock flick Still Crazy, after which conversation inevitably turned to the mighty Tap. … Continue reading

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It being Mother’s Day and a lovely spring weekend, I drove the family 23 miles west of Cromer to the village of Stiffkey, whose pub, the Red Lion, does absolutely the best steak and chips in the universe in space … Continue reading

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Sentience and Immortality

At the beginning of his apocalyptic novel Star Maker, Olaf Stapledon describes his protagonist as sitting on the hillside above his home, racked with doubts about himself and the stability of his marriage, when, suddenly, he has the transcendant out-of-body … Continue reading

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