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Word Of The Week: Scrappage

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, my pal Brian Clegg opines that the word scrappage can’t possibly be a real word. He refers of course, to the dodgy, and, moreover, desperate scheme whereby Moron McBroon and his fellow donkey-jacketed cronies want to … Continue reading

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Norfolk, Land of Pig and Poultry

What with the World Health Organization upgrading the Swine Flu Emergency to Level 5 – one notch below a full-on panic pandemic, I would draw your attention to this extremely interesting and informative post by Eric Michael Johnson. In his … Continue reading

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In A Nutshell

Now is probably not the time to be launching a new literary magazine, so hats off to two of my younger, brighter, shinier and more energetic colleagues (Ms F. F. of Italy and Ms. E. G. of somewhere near Dundee, … Continue reading

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They’ve Got It In For Dogs, Now

As regular readers will know, the Cromercroxi love taking Canis cromercroxorum for walks on Cromer beach. A small section of the beach around the Pier is closed to dogs between May and September, but that’s fine – there’s plenty of … Continue reading

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The Battle for Middle-earth

Last week I had occasion to visit the city of Hereford. Now, you’d think that a place like Hereford would be the zenithal apotheosis of all that was pleasant and clean and good about England. It was a dump. The … Continue reading

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Onward [Insert Faith of Choice] Soldiers

My colleague Noah Gray told me of this great site called Google Fight in which you can pitch two adversaries against each other to see who has the most hits. Of some of the fights described as classics, the current … Continue reading

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St George’s Day Rant

Down with that incompetent, meddling, deceitful, self-aggrandizing, micro-managing slack-jawed Caledonian fool Gordon McBroon and his Legions of the Undead Existentially Challenged stooges, toadies, newt-fanciers, diversity compliance officers, mendacious sleazebags, chisellers, chippies, apparatchiks, political-correctness czars, Guardianistas and elephants hierophants sycophants. Burn … Continue reading

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Sexist Hypocrisy

Mrs Cromercrox, Canis cromercroxorum and I enjoy Wednesday evenings in front of the box watching Desperate Housewives, being the soap-tastic adventures of a group of women and their menfolk in American Suburbia. My enjoyment is spoiled by the adverts from … Continue reading

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The East Beach at Cromer

I meet them all the time, walking the dog on the East Beach. People who’d upped sticks from Luton, Leeds or London, two or ten or twenty years ago, and come to rest here, in Cromer. Some are retired. Others … Continue reading


Commutatis Maledictis

I’ve been brewing an essay for a while now on that outmoded custom known as commuting and the related commercial pastime known as meetings. Before I go any further, some definitions are perhaps in order. com’mu-ting: the activity of travelling … Continue reading

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