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A Walk In The Sunshine

Today, while Mrs Crox and Crox Minima hit the fleshpots floshpits stores in Norwich, Crox Minima and I decided to go on the longest walk we’ve done since moving to Cromer (with Heidi, too, of course). Crox Minor is a … Continue reading

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A New Can of Worms

This …… is a wormery. And not just any wormery, it’s a Marks and Spencer’s Can O’ Worms wormery, the ver-du-ver of wormeries, the Eglu Cube of wormeries, the wormery to end all wormeries, the acme and apotheosis of all … Continue reading

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By The Sea now available from

Some readers have asked me if my gothic schlock horror mystery novel By The Sea is available through Amazon. Well, I have some good news – you can now get it through You can’t get it from, sadly, … Continue reading

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The Great Chicken Rescue

Little Hen Rescue is a Norfolk-based charity that rescues ex-battery hens from farms and installations that are going to the wall, or which are replacing chickens with something else. Rather than letting the poultry be recycled into cat food or … Continue reading

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The Erection of Pondside Lodge – A Story In Pictures

Today, as promised, I can give the full-frontal, explicit and unexpurgated story of the erection of our new chicken house. We have been the proud owners of an Eglu, manufactured by Omlet, for some time now. Here’s our current eglu … Continue reading

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Hot Girl-On-Girl Action

Just a quick note to promise readers a weekend of hot girl-on-girl action here at the Maison Des Girrafes as we install a new chookery … and swoop to the rescue of some ex-battery-operated chicks as they are converted to … Continue reading

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Weigh In

Today at a weighing machine in Boots I tipped the scales at 19st 5lbs. This is a millstone milestone as it means I have lost half a stone – or, if it’s any easier, 59,236,456,552,232,271,872 electronvolts, sort of – if … Continue reading

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Star Trick

Saturday nights are always tricky at the Maison Des Girrafes. That’s the night when Mrs Crox, Crox Minor and Crox Minima stay up to watch Ritual Humiliation of Mindless Obese Proles with Ant and Dec or some such nonsense, and … Continue reading

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Lunchtime On The Beach

Meanwhile, after almost a month of dry, sunny weather, Cromer reverted to type yesterday with a chilly squall. The wind and rain had eased up sufficiently by lunchtime for the Personal Fitness Trainer to take me out. Following Amy Charles’ … Continue reading

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Roofless in Cromer

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