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Which James Bond Villain Are You?

There’s a meme on Facebook in which people are encouraged to take a quiz of the general format Which [object/ person/ thing] are you? A quick scan of my Facebook page reveals that my friends have inhaled deeply of this … Continue reading

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Die Wissenschaft bei Tolkien

Die Wissenschaft bei Tolkien, now out from Wiley , is the long-awaited German translation of my 2004 book The Science of Middle-earth. This is the first non-English edition of this book, and was championed, chivvied along and (most importantly) translated … Continue reading

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Gravy Train

At the weekend, Crox Minima (aged nearly 9) and I had a double-date at the optician. We both had eye tests and ordered new spectaculi. My bill came to a nystagmatizing £375. My employers, being the enlightened souls they are, … Continue reading

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Against Stupidity

Today, Crox Minor (aged 11) sits a Science SAT (examination), the result of which will determine her place on the starting grid in High School, which she starts in September. For the rest of the week she’ll be taking similar … Continue reading

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Weigh In

Back on 20 April I announced to a quiverish world that I weighed 19st 7lb. Today, almost three weeks later, I weighed in at 19st 6lb. A paltry improvement – almost discouraging – but at least I wasn’t any heavier. … Continue reading

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The Hunt For Gollum

At a cost of about fourpence to make and absolutely free to you to view through the magic of the internet (I watched on my iPhone, naturally) comes The Hunt For Gollum, a 40-minute micro-epic based on a few of … Continue reading

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This Woman’s Work

A rare back view of Mrs Crox, hard at work in her home office, early this morning, her secretarial staff in attendance.

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The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #39

OOFTUGs (Orders of the Unicycling Girrafe) awarded lavishly for the most interesting/insightful/strange entries. If any. (In the Town Hall if wet. Restrictions may apply).

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Race For Life

A couple of weeks ago when my colleagues and I were enjoying lunch in the staff canteen, the subject turned to the regularity of cervical smears and other items of a gynaecological nature. I looked round, and, finding I was … Continue reading

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