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Reward for Missing Hat

I am grieving for a lost hat. Here is Canis croxorum, modelling the item, before I lost it.I bought this hat in Snowbird, Utah, in the mid-’90s. I had been at a conference there one summer, and on the last … Continue reading

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The Beach Hut That Was

This was the view from our beach hut. Idyllic, isn’t it? Well, for all sorts of reasons I won’t go into, we’re in the process of moving from this one and taking up another. Over the past couple of weeks … Continue reading

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A Clerihew on Michael Jackson

MICHAEL JACKSON Tried very hard to be Anglo-Saxon. His music, though, while white-boy rock’n’roll Never did eclipse his transcendant soul.

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Today, as a special pre-father’s day treat, the Croxii drove 23 miles westwards to the charming village of Stiffkey where we dined at the Red Lion, the sauce source of unarguably the finest steak frites in the entire world in … Continue reading

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Pro Patria Mori

This afternoon I attended a funeral service. It was for Corporal Stephen Bolger of the Parachute Regiment, who died while on active service in Afghanistan. Cpl. Bolger was raised here in Cromer – I went along because I know his … Continue reading

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Coast To Coast By Rickshaw

People do all sorts of odd things for charity. The ranks of the romantic and quixotic have recently been swelled by my wholly remarkable friend Miss L. H. of Woodford, who, with her fiance Mr S. E. of Elstree, is … Continue reading

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The Signage at the Maison Des Girrafes

Every town has one. A friendly cafe where you can paint pottery while you enjoy a brew. So it is that the Sticky Earth Cafe is a well-known tea- and pot-painting stop in Cromer, and the sauce tzores source of … Continue reading

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Cry Havoc, And Loose the Worms of Compost

A few days ago I described our new wormery and said that I’d had to send off for the worms from those nice people at Wiggly Wigglers (no, I didn’t believe it either, but there it is). Well, today I … Continue reading

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Three Deaths

I’ve been brewing this post for a while. I apologise in advance for its somber tone, and the fact that it doesn’t mention chickens. I’d like to describe three deaths, which happened over a space of four days about a … Continue reading

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Enormo Eggs

Metro is a free newspaper scattered eggstensively all over London and the Lands Adjacent, and today it featured an eggregious story about a chicken that laid enormous eggs. A quick trawl through the Metro archives reveals that stories featuring chickens … Continue reading

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