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Beach Adventure

This afternoon Crox Mimina, Canis Croxorum and I took advantage of an exceptionally low tide and some rather dramatic weatherto go down to Cromer East Beach and do some rock-pooling. We were pleased to have discovered this – a jewel … Continue reading

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The Rickshaw Odyssey Hits Cromer

Last month I wrote about our friends Lianna Hulbert and Simon Etkind who are attempting to pedal 930 miles across the country to raise money for charity. They started at Land’s End on 29 June: you can find out all … Continue reading

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Seal Cull

Beachcombing is one of my favourite things. Over the years I’ve acquired quite a cabinet of curiosities collected from the strandline. A few days ago I was walking on Cromer East Beach and met a quite neauseous stink. This was … Continue reading

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Director’s Cut

The other day I sneakily overheard a tweet from Brian about an iPhone app called ‘Camera Bag’. This allows you to effect the most extraordinary transformations on the already-fairly-almost-passable pictures you can take with the iPhone. For example, here is … Continue reading

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For Want Of A Nail ….

This is the cause of all the trouble. Yesterday morning, Mrs Crox and I were hard at work in our respective cubbyholes, when our browsers stopped responding. Much frustrated pressing of buttons ensued, but a trip to a cupboard in … Continue reading

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Don’t You Know There’s A Recession On?

Brian is, rightly, baffled by the British public. I am just as baffled, though for slightly different reasons. My bafflement has been occasioned by a specific segment of the British Public, namely, some of our local shopkeepers. Even at the … Continue reading

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Who Was That Masked Man?

The closest railway station to the Maison Des Girrafes is not Cromer, but one just a little inland, called Roughton Road. The rush hour at Roughton Road hits its peak. Yesterday. Or, in fact, any day (not Sundays. Restrictions may … Continue reading

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It was Christmas, 1987, and there was a hole to fill – a band was needed urgently to play an unexpected gap that had opened up in the Christmas Ents running order. That’s when the Ents secretary (Mr R. P., … Continue reading

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In Focus

I’m very fond of a newsstand magazine called BBC Focus. It’s had a chequered history, veering from gadget geekery (my favourite part of the mag is ‘Objects of Desire’) to almost a lads’ mag, but under the editorship of Paul … Continue reading

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New Arrival

I’d like to introduce you to the newest arrival in my Wearable OfficeTM. I think it’s about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It took me a long time before I even dared turn it on. Mrs Crox says … Continue reading

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