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Me and My e-Books

Here I am on vacation earlier this week, reading an e-Book. The book concerned is Blindsight, by Peter Watts, an SF novel available under Creative Commons licence. As you can probably make out, I am reading it on my iPhone … Continue reading

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Caroline’s Progress

Caroline is my 13-year-old, 120,000-mile eVolvo.She’s a great runner, but like many Ladies Of A Certain Age, she has her foibles. Her aircon has long since ceased to function. She has a man-eating glove compartment. But mostly she’s prone to … Continue reading

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Edit My Wikipedia Page … Please

I am very disappointed. Very disappointed indeed. I have asked, entreated, begged – even pleaded – for people to edit my entry on Wikipedia. But no-one has obliged. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ashamed. Why am I so exercised … Continue reading

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Beach Table

Another feature of the Evolutionary Anthropology of Beachcombing (see below) is the desire to collect things. As you can imagine, when one goes out onto the beach with one’s blonde beach babe A Blonde Beach Babe, yesterday one accumulates quite … Continue reading

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The Evolutionary Anthropology of Beachcombing

I have been consumed with frustration in recent days. The principal cause of this has been industrial action by an assortment of trolls who think that holding strikes for pay in a recession, thus holding commuters to ransom, is a … Continue reading

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