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Zounds! It’s International Blasphemy Day

Zounds and Guidbethankit! Today, as my friend GrrlScientist reminds me, is International Blasphemy Day. The idea is to encourage free speech, allowing us to stand up to those interests which demand that we cease from criticism by virtue of ‘respect’ … Continue reading

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Striking Back, But Sideways

A little while I ago I wrote about my Wikipedia page, how Wikipedia created this page without my knowledge or consent, and yet refuse to allow me or anyone else to edit it, even to correct mistakes. Vengeance, however, is … Continue reading

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A Communique from the Department of Suggestive Vegetables

Thiscould be the saviour of a culinary experiment; the harbinger of entirely new vistas of taste; a symphonic poem in gastronomic form. On the other hand, it could be a disaster. It’s like this, see. Here in the Jardin Des … Continue reading

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The Great Chicken Rescue – Four Months On

Back in May I wrote about how we at the Maison Des Girrafes had ‘rescued’ four battery hens. A summer has come and gone, and as the first chilly winds of autumn blow through the garden [isn’t this a bit … Continue reading

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When Will They Ever Learn?

Dear Mrs Crox, I’m writing this in an uncomfortable standing position on the 1730 from London to Norwich (delayed, naturally). I had been sitting comfortably on the 1700, but when 1700 came and went and it all went dark, we … Continue reading

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The X-Crement Factor

Last night I had the misfortune to catch a few minutes of the X-Factor on TV. Now autumn is coming on, Mrs Crox, Crox Minor and Crox Minima (not to mention Canis croxorum, Felis croxorum, Feliculus croxorum and, I dare … Continue reading

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Dana Kerstein – Ghost

On my iPod right now is Ghost, the latest CD from singer Dana Kerstein. You can get this through her MySpace Page for a paltry ten quid, or indeed any other currency, through the magic of PayPal. The music is … Continue reading

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Down With Memes

Word has reached Cromer on the debate taking place in the good ol’ US and A over the creation of a more equitable healthcare system. This blog is not the place to extend that debate. However, one offshoot has been … Continue reading

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Rock And Roll And Cute Little Kittens

Here is a cute little kitten in the Cuisine Des Girrafes, earlier today. Cute little kitten in the Cuisine Des Girrafes. Earlier Today. More on that later. While you’re waiting, I’m here to tell you that my quest to become … Continue reading

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This Penguin’s Progress

My friend Grrlscientist has a popular and well-informed blog whose subject is, by and large, ornithology. This is perhaps not surprising as she is an expert on the habits and molecular biology of parrots, although these days she earns a … Continue reading

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