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Solstice Catch-Up

I noticed it a few days ago – already, the dawn is creeping earlier over the parapet, the Sun is setting a little later than it was a week ago. Accustomed, around the Solstice, to full darkness before 4pm, I … Continue reading

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Cromer – The Dark Side

Cromer is a lovely place. Even on a grey and windy day, such as today, there is always a charming surprise just around the corner. Here is a rainbow out at sea, as spotted by Crox Minor on our morning … Continue reading

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The Discovery of a New Kind of Radiation

Many years ago when the world was young I recall coming home from school to find the following scene. My mother was sitting in an easy chair in a sunny spot in the dining room. Surrounding her, on the floor, … Continue reading

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Today’s Mystery Fish For You To Identify

If GrrlScientist can do it with birds, then I can do it with fish. Just this once. There is, however, one difference (apart from the obvious one, that is). Whereas GrrlSicentist knows which bird it is before she sets the … Continue reading

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Exothermy In The UK

Of all the stenchly odors of modern life, perhaps one of the most unpleasant – and the most difficult to get rid of – is cat pee. Actually, the pee on its own is OK. The trouble comes from the … Continue reading

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