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How Not To Get Your Paper Published, No. 161

On receiving the politely worded note of rejection from an editor, designed to let you down gently, respond acidly that you can see through all that claptrap, and didn’t expect any better from a publication that published that rubbish from … Continue reading

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Book News

I´m amazed and pleased to learn that people are still buying and enjoying my gothick museum based detective schlockfest, By The Sea. I suspect that a pussycat of my acquaintance is largely responsible for disseminating news of my scribblings, for … Continue reading

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Why Don´t Scientists Teach Their Children How To Speak?

You have worked, and after that, you have worked some more. You have worked through hours which before you became a graduate student/postdoc/professor/combinations of the foregoing you didn´t know existed except at parties. You have honed your results, and more … Continue reading

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The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #99

Pictured today at the wet fish stall on the quayside at Punta Del Este, Uruguay. OOFTUGs (Orders of the Unicycling Girrafe) awarded generously for amusing or insightful captions.

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Cromerc Rox

There I was, innocently listening to my iPod while on the long ride home, when up popped Child In Time from Deep Purple’s album In Rock. Instantly – instantly – I was transported back to the very room in which … Continue reading

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There Were Giants On The Earth In Those Days

Why did sauropod dinosaurs get so big? And not just big, but exceptionally big? Sauropod dinosaurs – the biggest ones, weighing more than 30 tonnes and measuring more than 30 metres long – were very much bigger than any other … Continue reading

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Stop Following Me!

While on the bus between Montevideo and Punta Del Este yesterday, on my way to the 9th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology, I ran into my old friend and colleague Professor Trellis of North Wales J. H. of Royston, who … Continue reading

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When iTunes Cannot Help

Many years ago when the world was young I was at a ball in Cambridge, at which my date and I enjoyed a 1940s revival band called the Valentinos, who performed an hilarious number called ‘Who Put The Benzedrine In … Continue reading

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Flying Down to Rio. Nearly.

Another week, another conference. Having been in the past month to the International Palaeontological Congress in London, and Euro Evo Devo in Paris, I’m off – in a couple of hours – to the International  Congress of Vertebrate Morphology in … Continue reading

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Ray, Remembered

You’d never know it to look at it, but the strip of land east of London and north of the Thames, out as far as Southend, is the home of British blues. Here in the Essex Delta, practically every night … Continue reading

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