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Three Books

There’s a programme on BBC Radio 4, the station which proverbially over-fortifies the over-forties, called A Good Read. In it, the presenter and two guests each introduce a book they’ve read recently, and discuss them. The books are usually fiction, … Continue reading

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The Razorshell Heroes

We have a problem with our chickens. The problem is that they aren’t laying any eggs, and haven’t been for quite some time. Actually, that’s not quite true – they are laying eggs, sometimes, but the eggs come out without … Continue reading

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Ecce Cromo

I’m going to have to renew my passport soon. The big problem with this exercise is finding a suitable self-portrait, one that conforms to the strict regulations on pose, size, background colour, number of heads and so on, but which … Continue reading

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Boogie Wonderland

Turned on iPod. It played ‘Lady Marmalade’ by my alter ego, Patti Labelle. Turned on ‘genius’ function. Now grooving to Cameo, Earth Wind and Fire, Prince, Booker T, Funkadelic and more. Great way to brighten a grey morning. Rock on … Continue reading

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Today’s Mystery Lump of Anamniotic Goo For You To Identify

Our axolotl, Squirty Benson Wilberforce III is, according to Crox Minor, who knows these things, almost certainly very likely to be possibly has a 1-in-2 chance of being female. Squirty Benson Wilberforce III, yesterday. This might, or, then again, might … Continue reading

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Barking Mad

How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb? The answers, which (with variations) are all over teh interwebz in the same way that pet hair congregates in great fibrous drifts beneath the furniture in the Salon Des … Continue reading

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The Road to Fray Bentos

When I was a lad, and perhaps even today, you could get these tinned meat pies under the distinctive rubric of Fray Bentos. I had always thought this was a brand name, like Hoover or Marmite, so I was pleased … Continue reading

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When Engineers Have Dogs

I spend quite a lot of time throwing tennis balls for Canis Croxorum to chase.I’m not sure what it is about dogs and balls – perhaps it’s a vestige of that old lupine hunting instinct – but most dogs will … Continue reading

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Oh no, it’s Back Again

Tonight, while the rest of the Croxii are glued to the feculent trailer-trash chav rubbish that is the Xcreta Factor, I have decided to something creative. I missed the first part of the show by taking Canis Croxorum for a … Continue reading

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On The Origin of Science Writers

Now and again some dewy-eyed student intent on a career in science journalism asks me How I Got To Where I Am Today. My problem is that my career path was probably not typical. However, now I can direct all … Continue reading

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