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How Broad Is Your Band?

I have this great app on my iPad called ‘speedtest’ or some such, which allows me to measure the speed of my broadband connection. Even in the wilds of Cromer, I’m happy to report download speeds of more than 5 … Continue reading

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A Date For Your Diary

Notwithstanding inasmuch as which the well-attested fact that my nemesis friend Dr R. P. G. of Rotherhithe is the controlling intelligence behind the science blogosphere, (this startling discovery having been made by my friend Dr A. C. R. of Santiago … Continue reading

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Signs O’ The Times #126

This one kindly sent in by Dr R. W. of Toronto, who I’m sure deserves our gratitude.

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A Present from Liverpool

Mrs Crox is a journalist. She’s just back from covering the Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool. Here’s something she brought back for the kids.

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The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #62

One day I’ll write a proper blog post again. One day.

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Signs of the Times #431

This one spotted by Cath@VWXYnot…  a business model we’d all do well to adopt in these straitened times. I can think of several businesses in Cromer that run like this – they seem to be the ones that go on … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times #31

This sign kindly sent in by my old friend Professor Trellis of North Wales. Gives a whole new meaning to the concept of a Portaloo. Orders of the Unicycling Girrafe liberally libated on all contributors whose signs get published in … Continue reading

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Chutney Apocalypse Postponed

Almost exactly a year ago I described my adventures into chutney making. Well, it’s that time of year again, only this time I thought I’d be more prepared. No cop outs this year with strange gourds that look like engorged … Continue reading

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Beelzebun Demon Bunny of DOOM c.2000-2010

It is my sad duty to report the demise of Rebecca Rabbit, alias Beelzebun Demon Bunny of DOOM. One of the Maison Des Girrafe’s more colourful characters, she arrived in the Jardin Des Girrafes at a relatively advanced age, having … Continue reading

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No More Dr Nice Guy

What would we have to do without, if we had to do without science? iPads. iPods. Computers. Well, I could live without those, maybe. Mobile phones. Maybe those, too. Phones of any kind? Well, it would be quieter round here. … Continue reading

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