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Going Woho

For those who are interested in such things (and I grant that their appeal is somewhat selective) I am keeping a blog about my musical exploits at WohoMusic, a social networking site for musicians, started by my good friends Mr … Continue reading

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Jennifer L Rohn talks about ‘The Honest Look’

Yesterday my camcorder and I were privileged to have been invited to the launch of The Honest Look, the new novel from my friend Dr Jennifer L. Rohn. Here is Dr Rohn talking about the book, plus some never-before-seen exclusive … Continue reading

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Up To A Point, Prime Minister

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP The Prime Minister 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA 12 October 2010 Dear Sir re: Proposed cuts in science funding I should like to offer belated congratulations on winning the General Election. I am … Continue reading

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Move Over Nigella, I AM A Domestic Goddess

At a tea party recently thrown by fellow Domestic God Mr N. C. of Norwich, the Croxii enjoyed his supremely fluffy scones topped with a home-made preserve called Apple Butter. Mr N. C. gave me a recipe he’d modified himself … Continue reading

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The World’s Gone Mad

I’ve just learned that in the current financial year, bankers plan to award themselves bonuses of £7bn – more than twice the entire UK science budget (£3.2bn, before planned cuts). I thank my correspondent S. F. Of Stockholm for this … Continue reading

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Why Are You Reading This? Support Science Is Vital Instead.

Science is vital to our health and wealth. Our government wants to cut science funding – when countries such as the US are hoping to beat the recession by funding science more. Even India is increasing science funds by %150. … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #343

This one spotted by my correspondent Professor Trellis of North Wales, while holidaying in Turkey, illustrates a brutally honest attitude to commerce:

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Kittylitterosaurus erectus

CAT: Wow, Heidi! Did you see this story about dinosaur bones? DOG: I like bones. Yummy. Where’s it from? CAT: It’s from a place called British Columbia, which is in Canada. DOG: That’s where LeaderOfPack’s friend Dr C. E. of … Continue reading

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Another Mystery Lump of Gunge For You To Identify

This lunchtime, to celebrate Canis croxorum’s third birthday, we went to the beach. Actually, we’d have gone to the beach whether it was Canis croxorum’s birthday or not, but that’s not important right now. While we were there I picked … Continue reading

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