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Getting Down With The Kids

I’ve reached that interesting stage when, as a parent, my kids are beginning to teach me things. If it weren’t for Crox Minima (aged 10), for example, I’d never have written a children’s book called Defiant The Guinea Pig: Firefighter!, … Continue reading

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The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #15

OOFTUGs generously libated for captions that drag me even part of the way out of my customary post-solstitial anticlimax. As usual here is one to start you off: ‘Uncle Fred drowned in a vat of bourbon. It took ages, but … Continue reading

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Local History

It is said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Last night’s three pints of Adnam’s Old Ale didn’t finish me off  – and neither did this morning’s hangover cure, a restorative and somewhat exfoliative march along the beach. … Continue reading

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Wishing You a Cool Yule

Tomorrow is the winter solstice, bringing with it the promise of human sacrifice increasing day length. Just four minutes more light a day: doesn’t sound much, but it soon mounts up, it’s almost an hour per fortnight. But for those … Continue reading

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Dancing With The Scientists

Shows like Strictly Come Dancing and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here are fun – but why are they almost always populated by showbiz and sports types? In the past two series of Strictly, political journalist John Sargeant … Continue reading

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My Amazon Alligator

My friend, prolific popular science writer Mr B. C. of Swindon describes new and exciting functionality over at Amazon, which is providing ever more (and more useful) services for authors. Each author can have their own author page (here’s his), … Continue reading

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Norfolk Never Misses An Opportunity To Miss An Opportunity

Next time you visit Norfolk, call in at the Norwich Castle museum or even the bijou establishment in Cromer, and if you have very sharp eyes, you might just see a few bones of one of the most important fossils … Continue reading

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All Your Buoy Are Belong To Us

When, this lunchtime, Canis croxorum and I came across this on Cromer Beach my first impulse was to say ‘Bang goes my last chance to get back to the mothership. I’ll have to stay on this planet forever!’ Here is … Continue reading

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Up with Fees – Down with Dross

I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. I am about to make myself very unpopular. But, well, fine girrafes never buttered no unicycles, so here goes – I’m in favour of the Coalition Government’s aim to raise the … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, My Friends

[sound of static]… Viking, Forties … Buzznarglezzzzpt … Je Suis Le Tenebreux! … Zxxxshisss … Get Them Down Sir William, I Cannot Wait Until Lunchtime …. Jyyszzzzzhssssspttt … With a melon? Surely not … Hhhhhhxxxyssggzzwwwwsss …. And we go over … Continue reading

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