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Lewis Carroll would have understood. In chapter 8 of Through the Looking Glass, the White Knight discusses a song he’s about to sing to Alice. “The name of the song is called “Haddocks’ Eyes”,’ he says. `Oh, that’s the name … Continue reading

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After almost four years during which my attempts to persuade Mrs Crox that having dinosaurs chickens running around your garden will turn it into a desert have come to naught, she has finally – FINALLY – realized that the best … Continue reading

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I’ve been meaning to write a short post about the importance of having a good mentor in your life, but as the man said, it takes longer to write something brief than an exegesis that is more, well, exegetic. So … Continue reading

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Fanfare For The Future

As you probably know, I’m responsible for the best-kept secret in your favourite weekly professional science magazine beginning with N. Some of you will know the secret – Richard, Jenny, Kristi and Erika all know about it, as does Professor … Continue reading

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The Condition of Sheffield United FC

(Note: this is an obscure football joke. But, hey, if Cath can put up incomprehensible posts about ice hockey, well…)

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Beyond Words

I have been deluged by an email from my colleague Dr P. G. of Englefield Green, containing this link, and a cover note as follows: ‘I can think of nothing to say about this’. I probably could say something about it, … Continue reading

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A Problem Shared

A friend of mine – I’m not allowed to blow their cover (and, if you’re asking, it’s not Professor Trellis of North Wales me) – is an Agony Relative for their local newspaper. This person has run out of problems … Continue reading

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The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #103

When Crox Minor was about three, she was sitting in the synagogue, with the prayer book upside down before her, and proclaimed, in stentorian tones that would have done credit to Lady Bracknell – “This Hebrew is Too Lumpy!” How … Continue reading

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In Praise Of Ladies of a Certain Age

Those of you who are familiar with popular nocturnal emissions in the U. of K. will no doubt have fallen over been aware of Strictly Come Chav Factor, a kind of pro-celebrity ballroom dancing competition.  The pirouetting couples are judged … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #77

This one kindly brought to our attention by Dr C. E. of Vancouver. I’ve seen papers about cell signalling that are less confusing than this.

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