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Just got time to carve a word, or not even that – simply to mark two stories I found today on teh interwebs. This one, on the teaching of evolution in US schools following the 2005 Dover trials; and this … Continue reading

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Those of you who know me well will realize that any signs of feminism that might make themselves felt in the mind of Crox are soon tempered by the brute facts of biology. Equality of opportunity, equality in the workplace, … Continue reading

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The summer after my second year as an undergraduate I had the amazing opportunity of a summer job, working in the Natural History Museum, at the Department of Palaeontology. It was an excellent introduction to fossils for this wannabe palaeontologist. … Continue reading

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Music News

I’ve just posted some music news on my occasional music blog, here – for those interested. It’s a bit steamy.

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Fountainous Fables

My vitals fair explode with pleasure at being able to announce the Second Coming this forthcoming SF anthology: Fables from the Fountain, edited by by SF author, superfan and publishing supremo Ian Whates, is an hommage to Arthur C. Clarke’s … Continue reading

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Feeling like rubbish yesterday following the recent bout of infestation stations, I called in at Carrow Road on my way home from London last night to see what should have been an easy win by high-flying Norwich City over struggling … Continue reading

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I don’t want to wish my kids’ lives away, but I’m practically counting the days until Crox Minima leaves primary school this summer and goes to high school in the autumn. Why? Because primary schools seem to be the number … Continue reading

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Unknown Again, Naturally

Just in case you’re around, I’ll be in London on 1st March, waffling directionlessly about various themes connected with my forthcoming tome. It’ll be a somewhat uninformed unformed ramble, so think of it as less of a lecture, more a … Continue reading

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I suppose I should be grateful to that unrepentantly limp wristed¬†pinko lefty my colleague Dr A. E. of Manchester for indicating (in another context)¬†this fascinating article by Martin Robbins in teh Grauniad, in which the renowned columnist finds his gob … Continue reading

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The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #131

Awards libated for the most interesting/funny/bizarre captions. As usual, here’s one to start you off: ‘Chilean Shiraz: Goes Well With Cats’. Or Mrs Crox’s suggestion – ’8 out of 10 cats prefer Chilean Shiraz’.

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