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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #57

This bottle of olive oil, spotted recently in the Cuisine des Girrafes, advertises its contents at 500ml. Given the brand, however, what’s the betting that it is in fact infinitely large?

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Now then: what has this Ma tovu ohalecha Ya’akov, Mish’k’no’techa Yisrael. got to do with this? Kick off, throw in, have a little scrimmage, Keep it low, a splendid rush, bravo, win or die; On the ball, City, never mind … Continue reading

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The Return Of Yet Another Mystery Fish For You To Identify

Earlier this evening I was on the beach with a number of people and dogs, the human contingent comprising (apart from myself) Messrs M. P.. W. P. and O. P. of Cromer, together with Miss G. P. of Cromer, and … Continue reading

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Ceci N’Est Pas Un Homard

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Regular readers (both of you) will no doubt recall the day almost two years ago when Mrs Crox and I rescued four battery hens and gave them new homes. But seriously, this is a somewhat Guardian Weekend form of animal … Continue reading

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Yet Another Mystery Fish For You To Identify

The deeps really are yielding their secrets at the moment. First there was this. Then there was this. And today there was this. Here is the whole thing, stem to stern – it’s about 30cm long. And here is a … Continue reading

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Another Mystery Fish For You To Identify

Here’s a fishy tail I found on Cromer beach today. Here’s a detail. The skin is very rough, and those spines are wickedly sharp – they look (and feel) like the thorns on a rose bush, and thereby hangs a … Continue reading

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My friend Grrlscientist asked me to write a guest post for her at Punctuated Equilibrium. This is it. Meanwhile, here is a cute pet picture, for those who demand more from their reading than a blog the sole purpose of … Continue reading

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Things aren’t going entirely to plan. An irritating niggle is threatening my grand erection with flaccidity, but it’ll be sorted out – eventually. Mrs Crox locked herself out of her office, which occasioned some drama. And when I opened the … Continue reading

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A Mystery Fish For You To Identify, And Other Stuff

While walking along the beach this afternoon, Canis croxorum alerted me to this washed-up fish. It’s a pretty common North Sea fish, I believe, though I have never seen one before. Its roe sometimes appears pseudonymously as caviar. Can you … Continue reading

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