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Many years ago when the world was young and I was feeling depressed with my lot I wondered, as I occasionally do, whether I could cut it as a science teacher. I have had some school teaching experience, and teaching … Continue reading

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City Lights (Slight Return)

I regret to announce that cromercrox, for it is he, deleted the original version of this post, entirely by accident. Here it is again, dragged out from some cache or another, though of course without all y’all’s insightful comments. We … Continue reading

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Prompted by Dr S. C. of this parish I hied third to the Science Fiction Exhibition at the British Library (on until 25 September, admission free). I would have hied forth, but I pleaded the ‘eadaches, though as the Long … Continue reading

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If you have a diary and should like to put a date in it … A date, but not in a diary. Picture from Wikimedia. … I’ll be chairing a meeting next month on cryptozoology. You can find all the … Continue reading

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The Great Build at the Maison Des Girrafes is descending asymptotically to a close. Today I cleaned out the final remains of the old kitchen, using the most amazing industrial steam cleaning device given to me by the Croxfather. This … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #151

This example kindly sent in by Dr M.-T. H. of London, who found it in the lucre-driven, full-on, high-energy, 24-hour bagel-fuelled city that is New York. So exhausting they named it twice. As Dr M.-T. H. reminds me – ‘everything … Continue reading

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A Year With An iPad

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It hardly seems possible that a year has passed since I bought my iPad. High time, I thought, for a retrospective which, I hope, will answer some of the questions that perplexed reviewers … Continue reading

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Build II

For those few of you who care about this sort of thing – and because I promised I’d keep you informed – here is an update on the ongoing conversion of the Maison des Girrafes into a Palazzo. But first, … Continue reading

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