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Kindergarten teachers would find Crox Minor (then aged 4) an exasperating child. The reason was her habit of ignoring any instruction or direction but running around in mad circles with her arms stretched out and screaming “I’m Archaeopteryx! The First … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #129

This newspaper advertisement kindly sent in by our correspondent Professor Trellis of North Wales, to whom we offer thanks in the customary fashion.

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We’ve had our snake Sid for some time now. Here she is, earlier today: Sid is a corn snake (Elaphe guttata). We think she’s a ‘she’, based on the morphology of the tail, but don’t know for sure. Corn snakes … Continue reading

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Forthcoming: Carnival of Evolution

Just to let you know (both of you) that I’ll be hosting the Carnival of Evolution on 1st September. That’ll be the 39th edition – before that will be, of course, counting backwardly in an inverse direction, the 38th edition, … Continue reading

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So, farewell, Space Shuttle. However, don’t expect me to get all teary-eyed and nostalgic for the End of an Era in space exploration. Unlike most people, it seems, to judge from the eulogies on Facebook and so on and so … Continue reading

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One Of Our Sea Serpents Is Missing

I had a monster plesiosaur whale of a time last night chairing a meeting at the Zoological Society of London on cryptozoology, and thought I ought to scribble a few words about the proceedings before I am submerged by other … Continue reading

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For those who have been sheltering in a bunker buried 37 miles beneath the Lunar regolith for the past week, you won’t have heard that the News of the World, a tabloid pwned owned by one Mr R. M. of … Continue reading

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I write this blog one-thumbed on my iPhone in a standing position on a packed train leaving Liverpool Street. It’s leaving 20 minutes late because the staff needed a break, because the train was an hour and a half coming … Continue reading

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This afternoon the Croxii were guests at a private function at London Zoo. We got a chance to toddle round the exhibits. Being us, we were especially keen to visit the reptiles and amphibians… All Your Rainforest Are Belong To … Continue reading

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