Fables from the Fountain is an anthology of science-fiction and fantasy stories done as an hommage to Arthur C. Clarke’s Tales from the White Hart and also to raise money for the Clarke Award, which encourages new British SF writing. As I believe I mentioned earlier, it contains stories from many of the best and brightest names in British SF and Fantasy, including Neil Gaiman, Liz Williams, Charles Stross, Stephen Baxter, James Lovegrove, Andy West and Ian Watson, to name but three five three, and, notwithstanding inasmuch as which, one from me.

The anthology has just landed a brace of favourable reviews (here and here) and I have just learned from the Editor, Ian Whates, that it’s available as an eBook for the Kindle, for just 4.59 of your Earth Pounds. Now, how SF is that?

I was particularly struck by a sentence in the second of the two reviews that reads as follows:

If there is one difference between Clarke’s stories and the these stories that is really noticeable: these writers think of themselves actively as sf writers and it really shows in their writing.

I’m tickled to be regarded as an Active SF Writer. I am only more active in that realm than Sir Arthur by virtue of the unfortunate fact that Sir Arthur has Ceased to Be. I’d regard myself as a Passive SF writer, if not actually Supine, though I guess I am fairly active as an SF Editor. Makes me think, though, how many projects I am working on at the moment, and why, when I look at the list in totality, I’d rather give up and toddle off down the pub instead.

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2 Responses to ConFabulation

  1. Ken says:

    I’ll add this to my to-read list.

    • cromercrox says:

      Thanks Ken – the stories are a lot of fun. And terribly English.