A little while ago I promised you an announcement. Well, here it is.

Music has always been a big part of my life. I have been in, around, through and between rock bands (and blues bands, and pop bands, and orchestras, and jazz bands, even a side of Morris men) prepositionally and particulately, since my school days. Many of the people I met along the way have become my very bestest, truest and oldest friends (I won’t embarrass them by naming them here.)

Although I have been a semidetached member of my friend Andy Graham’s Stone Pony for several years, and have played in jam sessions for years before that, it came to me that I wanted to join a good rock band – playing the kind of music I enjoyed as a teenager and as a student – and to which I felt I could owe some commitment, something that wouldn’t always have to take seventh place to all the other things clamant for my attention, which has always been the fate of bands in the past.

Two things prompted me in this direction.

The first was my ongoing midlife crisis. Oh L, Oh L, in less than four months or even fewer, I’ll have batted a half century. One is mortal, and more than that, lives but once, and if I haven’t been in a really good rock band playing proper gigs by the time I am too old to care, I shall only regret it.

The second was seeing a friend front his band at a local festival last August, and thinking ‘I should be doing that.’ After that I experience I hied home and thirdwith fifthwith forthwith scoured the local online musicians wanted ads to find me a rock’n'roll band in need of a helping hand. Well, I found it in Stealer, a really good classic rock covers band from this neck of the woods. Stealer consists of several blokes in their middle years prime who love the same music that I do, and play it with great skill to biggish audiences on a regular basis. I liked them, they liked me, and after a suitable courtship, Stealer proposed, and I have accepted.

I hope that Stealer is my last band, and, were I to choose a young man’s death, it would be spontaneous combustion during the keyboard solo of Highway Star.

About cromercrox

Cromercrox is a recovering palaeontologist, author and editor who lists his recreations as writing, beachcombing, playing hard rock organ, supporting Norwich City FC and falling asleep.
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10 Responses to CromercRox

  1. mgg says:

    “were I to choose a young man’s death, it would be spontaneous combustion during the keyboard solo of Highway Star’.

    Seems to me the person who wrote this is quite young at heart!

  2. “Experienced and barking mad Classic Rock cover band from the East Coast of Anglia.”

    I like them your band already. :D

    Congrats Henry, and enjoy. If I ever make it to your neck of the woods I’ll hope it intersects a night when you’re playing a gig. Nothing like fistfuls of Hammond organ to warm the soul. :)

  3. Frank says:

    Bad news for Stone Pony; good news for Stealer.

    A musical talent can be a hard taskmaster. It demands a great deal of time and passion, and will not be content with 7th place. It is good to find a perfirming outlet congruent with your ability and ambition, then the rewards will hopefully be as great or greater than the energy you put into performing.

    • cromercrox says:

      I haven’t given up on Stone Pony! That’s the kind of band for which one can just turn up and play and have a good time, and then go home. I just want to do something more.

    • That also sounds a little like playing chess semi-seriously, Frank.

      Actually, now I come to think of it, one of the things that progressively replaced playing chess for me when I was 16-17 or so was playing the electric guitar. Which tended to offer more interesting social possibilities.

      Henry’s mention of Highway Star made me wonder if we might also find him performing this prog classic by the same original artistes. A couple of other ones I remember from the general era with slightly apposite titles are (So You Wanna Be A) Rock ‘n’ Roll Star and Doctor Doctor.

      PS You can see I’ve been dawdling about on the Internet a lot today…

  4. Sarah Evans says:

    Isn’t spontaneous combustion the drummer’s job?

    • John the Plumber says:

      no sarah – that’s spontaneous concussion. – In rock and roll spontineous conbustion is open to all goup members – in particular the banjo player

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