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As you are no doubt aware I edit Futures, Nature‘s weekly foray into the many worlds of science fiction. This week’s example┬áis a disturbing tale of computer love – just the thing for Alan Turing’s centenary year – and comes … Continue reading

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It has been noted in these annals that I haven’t felt quite myself recently. However, last night, after having endured several days that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, not even as an adventure holiday, I flipped 30mg of mirtazapine, took … Continue reading

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The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #404

Captions invited. My own suggestion is ‘I think we’ve been stood up.’ Induction into the Grand Order of the Unicycling Girrafe (GOOFTUG) will follow any caption offered below that tickles the cockles.

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Excerpticus In Excelsis

Being another Excerpt in the Ongoing Spectacle that is The Beowulf Effect: Fossils, Evolution and the Human Condition, a book currently being written for the University of Chicago Press and is now more than a month overdue. But I am … Continue reading

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I’ve been moithering about whether to write this post for some time – the reasons for such moitherment will, I hope you’ll see, become clear – but the case has become erumpent for reasons of campaigns such as this and, … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #423

Here is a bibelot passed my way by Prof S. C. of Nebraska, recently … On a related theme, here is something I trod in picked up found on the internet courtesy of my friend Ms J. G. of Norwich. … Continue reading

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