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Lord Of The Rings

I have just acquired a new toy. Here it is: As you can see, it’s a ring modulator – no, not a means of assuaging the after-effects of very spicy foods (the assumption to which my friend Mr M. P. … Continue reading

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Country Life

The global economy is in tatters; the Eurozone teeters on the brink; much of Africa is starving; thousands are massacred in Syria; and Israel and Iran edge towards war. Meanwhile, in Norfolk…

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Last weekend the environs of North Norfolk were infested by played host to the Cromer and Sheringham Crab and Lobster Festival. Cromer’s turn was Saturday, but I missed it as I was too busy in my shed listening to tapes … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #796

This peculiar notice in Santiago de Chile is reported by our erumpent egregious intrepid correspondent Dr A. C. of that fine city.

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice Special Double Issue

Dr R. W. of Toronto sends this image, with the rider “I’m sure there’s a joke in this photo somewhere. I’m equally sure that I don’t know what it is.” And in other news, Canis Primus Croxorum found this sign … Continue reading

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It will not have escaped the notice of either of my readers that I have been somewhat absent of late. Absent in more than one sense, as I have been fighting off a rather vicious episode of depression caused mainly … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice 2ex30741 – 1

This topical tip in the Eastern Daily Press was spotted by Mr M. P. of Cromer to whom we owe an immense debt, I’m sure.

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