Country Life

The global economy is in tatters; the Eurozone teeters on the brink; much of Africa is starving; thousands are massacred in Syria; and Israel and Iran edge towards war.

Meanwhile, in Norfolk…


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Cromercrox is a recovering palaeontologist, author and editor who lists his recreations as writing, beachcombing, playing hard rock organ, supporting Norwich City FC and falling asleep.
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11 Responses to Country Life

  1. Steve Caplan says:

    It’s almost enviable to be able to detach from global headaches and focus on such matters. Almost enviable.

  2. Austin says:


  3. So pleased they have a sense of perspective. I’m not mocking either – news should be local first and distant second. Twain once said: of the worst things about civilization is, that anybody that gits a letter with trouble in it comes and tells you all about it and makes you feel bad, and the newspapers fetches you the troubles of everybody all over the world, and keeps you downhearted and dismal most all the time, and it’s such a heavy load for a person.
    - Tom Sawyer Abroad

    • cromercrox says:

      Wise words. Mrs Crox and I were talking about this and felt, on reflection, that if the most startling news that our local paper can find is a cute animals story, we must be living in the right place. A few years ago some friends were relocating and had a choice between two small towns. Their choice was informed by the headlines in the local papers in each case. One had headlines such as ‘RACE RIOTS IN HIGH STREET’ whereas in the other the news rarely got more exciting than ‘DOG CROSSES ROAD’. Guess which town they chose.

  4. Cromercrox says:

    It gets better. Today’s notice reads LUCKY ESCAPE FOR TRAPPED HEDGEHOG.

  5. Austin says:

    Occasionally, of course, one of these stories breaks out and goes national. Remember the Tamworth Two?

    • cromercrox says:

      Ah, the Tamworth Two. May their glory never fade. Mrs Crox reminds me that cute animal stories are the hardy perennials of regional journalism. Many years ago when the world was young she was a regional news editor for Ceefax and then Teletext, and would often share the delights of what we called ‘Lost Tortoises In Devon’ stories.

  6. The London Evening Standard has a cute animal story on Page 3 nearly every day. Needless to say, the adjective “plucky” gets employed quite a bit.

  7. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Most memorable headline in the Yorkshire Evening Press while I was living in Haxby, the village/Barratt housing estate commuter centre in which I grew up (top local attraction: the duck pond):


    If memory serves, he was riding a motorbike in the Australian outback and it ran out in front of him.

    It is the kind of paper that would have reported the sinking of the Titanic as “YORK MAN PERISHES IN SHIPPING ACCIDENT”

  8. John Gilbey says:

    There is always the famous, although possibly apocryphal, “Fog in Channel, Continent Cut Off” – but I guess it really depends on the context of “local”…

    In some contexts, even “Space-Time Rift Found in Western Spiral Arm” could be trivially local – especially to natives of Andromeda (the M31 one…)…

    Just sayin’… :-)

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