The Boson

(with apologies to Hilaire Belloc.)

The Boson is so very small
You cannot make it out at all,
Though physicists have money on
Its presence in the Tevatron.
Notwithstanding the concern
Of colleagues beavering at CERN
All hoping that it might emerge
Triumphant from a mighty splurge
Of hadrons which, when they collide
Reveal their secrets, locked inside.
Why all this fuss, I say? Alas!
Without it we can have no mass.
No Higgs, and we’d be thistledown
Floating high above the ground.
The ground itself would fly away
And nothing much would deign to stay
Attracted to its bounden mate.
We’d be in such a sorry state!
But hold! One cannot be so free.
There is still much uncertainty.
For science tells us we must wait
for sigmas to accumulate.
Oh! let us never, never doubt
What nobody is sure about!

About cromercrox

Cromercrox is a recovering palaeontologist, author and editor who lists his recreations as writing, beachcombing, playing hard rock organ, supporting Norwich City FC and falling asleep.
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9 Responses to The Boson

  1. Owen says:


  2. John the Plumber says:

    (With apologies to Cromercrox)
    The theory says we can’t be here
    unless a bosun comes up clear.
    If we’re not here though till it’s found,
    then we can’t look, and so are bound
    to ponder for infinity
    to be or not, or not maybe.

  3. John the Plumber says:

    But lo, the hunter of the east has caught the bosun in a noose of light
    and all this poetry becomes a load of – quite
    wasted words. – Yet still the potter thumps his clay
    and lives to write another day.
    Ho hum.

    • cromercrox says:

      Look, it’s a boson, not a bosun.

      • John the Plumber says:

        But it still rhymes – do you want spelling as well as poetry?
        What – have they found a boson as well?

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