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“In this job, you will make enemies,” warned the then editor, John Maddox, not long after I started in my career at Your Favourite Weekly Professional Science Magazine Beginning With N. This isn’t surprising, given that almost everything I receive … Continue reading

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The Sigil Approacheth

I can announce that Siege of Stars, the first volume of my SF epic The Sigil, will be published this Friday (31 August) as an eBook, and on 4 September in print. And, while you are waiting for that toothsome … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #1722

This notice found pasted to the door leading to the attic room in a gloriously higgledy-piggledy secondhand bookshop, recently. The final invocation imprecation instruction in particular is awfully suggestive of tales of gothick horror perhaps yet to condense from the … Continue reading

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Over the years I’ve enthused in public about science, to various audiences. I have given seminars to graduate students and faculty about being an editor at Your Favourite Etc., and if you don’t believe me here’s the evidence. Notwithstanding inasmuch … Continue reading

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Earlier this evening Mrs Crox warmed up the televisual receiver for the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. It wasn’t long before the vacuity of the commentary drove me to flight. My, the editorial standards of the BBC have … Continue reading

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The Sigil Has Landed

Ladies and Gentlemen – you may now download, if you wish, pre-release advance copies of  Siege of Stars, the first volume of The Sigil, for US$15. If you do that, I am assured that you’ll be entitled to download the … Continue reading

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Kaddish II

No, no, no, no, no.  I know you were all trying to be nice, responding to my complaint about the lack of any memorial to the Israeli athletes gunned down at the Munich Games in 1972, with cosy phrases about … Continue reading

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I have written elsewhere on the campaign to get a skate park up and running in Cromer, discussing the fact that whereas elderly residents are amply served by the community, young people, in particular, suffer for want of constructive activity or … Continue reading

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It’s great to hear some good news. Team GB is practically buried under the weight of its gold medals. We at the Maison des Girrafes thrill to the winning smile of Mo Farah. Mrs Crox admires Cath Jessica Ennis’ abs, … Continue reading

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Spineless in Cromer

Many years when the world was young (OK, it was the mid-1980s) I was a graduate student at the University of Cambridge, having lots of fun playing in rock bands and pretending to do a Ph.D. In the gaps between … Continue reading

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