Looking Landwards

My pal Ian Whates gave up the rat race to do what he loved – write and publish SF. He’s been a regular contributor to the Futures SF series in Your Favourite Weekly Professional Science Magazine Beginning With N for some years now (that’s where our paths crossed) and a story of his even graces the current issue. His publishing house, NewCon Press, is now a hive of activity (don’t take my word for it, go and see.)

One or other of you will recall his anthology Fables from the Fountain, whose purpose was to raise money to endow the Clarke Award. I have a story in that steamed esteemed grimoire, but don’t let that deter you from purchasing it.

NewCon’s anthologies have hitherto been commissioned, but here’s a thing – Ian has just announced its first open-submission anthology, to be called Looking Landwards. As you can see from the official screed, it’s being produced in collaboration with the Institution of Agricultural Engineers, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. The idea is to produce a collection of original stories to speculate on what the future might hold in agriculture and food production.

This is a subject I have found strangely attractive. Some years ago I wrote a story (under a pseudonym) called Bordeaux Mixture on one man’s relationship with his genetically modified tomatoes. Notwithstanding inasmuch as which as I was the editor as well as the writer, it was deemed good enough to get picked up for a Best-Of anthology. The thought of Looking Landwards immediately inspired me to write another tale of future farming, which has now been sown, reaped, harvested and gathered in.

So, read the screed, and get scribbling. Submissions close at midnight on 10 June. The more you write, the less chance my own story will get published, so it’s in your own interests to submit early and often.

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4 Responses to Looking Landwards

  1. Ken says:

    I dropped a note in the LinkedIn anthology forum. As usual, the discussion continues:


  2. Mike says:

    Ahhhh, “Clydebank Cabernet”, a delightful, futuristic euphonium for Fuckbast, ahem, sorry, Cocksnotters. Excuse me! Well, you get the idea. Reminds me of my yoof, innit?